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Jim Closson – Positive Pets

Join us on a journey with Jim Closson from ‘Positive Pets’ as he discusses the impactful features and benefits of Pet Biz Experts software on his dog training business. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, this testimonial reveals the game-changing capabilities of Pet Biz Experts.

Stephen Swan – Swan Family Dog Training

Discover how Pet Biz Experts transformed Stephen Swan’s dog training business in just a week! Stephen shares how the platform streamlined his operations, leading to a remarkable return on investment. Thanks to the Missed-Call Text-Back feature, missed calls are now converted into valuable conversations, directly boosting profits.

Darren Wander – Sit Now Stay & The Dog Pool

In this interview, Darren highlights Pet Biz Experts’ exceptional support, from personalized assistance to prompt responses. Discover how their streamlined operations fuel pet business success. Don’t miss this insight into the support driving efficiency and satisfaction!

Bobby Pablico – Positive Changes

Explore how Pet Biz Experts enhances Bobby’s customer service with powerful nurture messages and a game-changing missed-call text-back option. Personalized features for Positive Changes make Pet Biz Experts software an invaluable tool, saving time and significantly boosting revenue.

~ PCDogTraining

Great System Lianne!! Thank you introducing us to your system, it has helped streamline our company!!

~ Ali Van Es

Y’all-I cannot say enough good things about Pet Biz Experts. @ Not only has the system itself saved me countless hours and clients, the staff is SO supportive, available seemingly anytime I need them, GREAT price point, and incredibly user friendly, for both staff and clients.

~ Flyer's Paw Zone

Are you a dog trainer looking for sottware to help you run your business. Reach out to Lianne Shinton this software is great! Built for dog trainers, by dog trainers!

~ Kristi Kummer

Ok, my fellow dog trainers… I have a new company that I just started doing business with that I cannot possibly give a greater recommendation for. Pet Biz Experts

~ Broward County Dog Training

To all my Dog Training Business Owners, I highly recommend you check this out. A real game changer. We are currently using it. We absolutely love it and the customer service is top notch. You won’t be disappointed.

~ Ali Van Es

So so excited about Pet Biz Experts!! # A. Their team has been so knowledgeable, fun, and friendly, we’re having a great time working with them.

~ Nicole Pablico

Thank you for sharing your system with us!! Lianne’s program has helped streamline our company and enhance our follow up!!


~ Kristi Kummer

Ok, my fellow dog trainers…I have a new company that I just started doing business with that I cannot possibly give a greater recommendation for. Pet Biz Experts is an amazing software company that is just so incredibly well-built for those of us running dog-training businesses.

~ You and Your Dog LLC

I can’t say enough good things about this company as a dog training business owner. Their software is amazing. The customer service and supports is AMAZING. You just don’t get customers service like this anywhere. I would highly recommend anyone in the dog industry going to this company. You will not regret it.

~ Orlando L Cuevas Sr

Training day for our new scheduling and CRM software. Even Athena is learning. To all my dog training business owners. check out PetBizExperts, you won’t be disappointed. This software is a game changer.

~ Sara Swanson

We love Pet Biz Experts!

~ Jayson Fogle

Excellent customer service, they have listened to me know my business and adapted the system to meet my needs. Above expectations

~ Ali

I cannot thank Pet Biz Experts and their incredible team enough – if you are a pet business owner looking for an effective and revolutionary software to take your business to the next level and convert leads to tangible clients – this is it.

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